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Roll Crusher

Maxwell Crushtech

Roll Crusher

Robust design

The design of Smooth Double Roller Crusher is robust to cater the customer need. It has the reliable and easy CSS Setting through square threaded Jack System. Roll fitting is through tapered casted hub ring. Heavy-duty bearing pedestal with ease of operation.

Minimum Downtime

The Maxwell Smooth Double Roller Crusher has very easy and accurate CSS setting through Square threaded Jack without insertion of Sims or any additional part usage. The Roll change is easy as it is locked with tapered locking hub ring.

Reliable Performance

The fully machined roll and tapered licking system delivers troubled free performance. Reliable material usage of shaft and proven performance of bearing gives consistent performance. The specially designed volute spring eliminated any crushing shocks with unified crushing size.

Specification Table
Smooth Double Roller Crusher
Model Name Max. Feed size (mm) Minimum CSS (mm)$ RPM Input Capcaity (TPH)+ Power (HP )*
MAX ROLL SD 600-01 15 4 120 50 30 X 2 NOS = 60
MAX ROLL SD 800-01 18 4 120 45 40 X 2 NOS = 80
MAX ROLL SD 1000-01 20 4 120 175 60 X 2 NOS = 100
MAX ROLL SD 1200-01 30 4 120 175 75 X 2 NOS = 100