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Vertical Shaft Impactor

Maxwell Crushtech

Vertical Shaft Impactor

Application Versatility

Jaw Crushers applies compressive force onto material to be crush that may produces flakiness to the material. Flakiness is not permissible after certain extent because it reduces the strength of the material. Maxwell VSI intakes the screen aterial of specified size into the rotor where it is accelerated to high speed. The Material gets high velocity into the rotor and then it discharge from fixed rotor openings and collide with the rocked outer periphery resulting into crushing. Maxwell VSI crushers offers multi-port rotor designs that provide large application range and crushing technology for rock-on-rock reduction. Maxwell VSI can operate on high rotor speed which provides high crushing ratio. Such high crushing ratio enable Maxwell VSI to produce crush send as well.

High Adaptability

The design of this machine is ye, users friendly. The maintenance of this machine is very easy. Any unskilled person with average brilliancy can maintain this machine. All parts are very ergonomically designed which avoids any miss fitment.

Trouble free working

Single Point, Centralized greasing system ensures trouble free working. Easy to inspect rotor parts enables operator to ensure the maintenance schedule.

High Performance, Low Cost

Maxwell VSI offers efficient rock on rock reduction that is cost effective due to low wear. All wear parts are made of higher wear resistible steel and easily replaceable that reduces downtime and ultimately reduces operating cost. The optimized design results in low cost spares as compare to other manufacturers.

Specification Table
Vertical Shaft Impactor
Model Name Max. Feed Size (mm)$ Max. Crushing Velocity (m/s2) Closed Circuit Capacity based on Max. Feed Size (TPH)+ Power Range (HP)x Rotor Dia. (mm) Nos. of Opening
Sand Application O to 5mm Aggregate Application 0 to 25 mm
MAX VSI 100 30 90 10 to 43 45 to 95 60 to 125 580 4 / 5
MAX VSI 200 35 90 38 to 90 90 to 195 125 to 250 580 4 / 5
MAX VSI 300 55 88 80 to 140 185 to 330 250 to 400 750 3 / 4 / 5